Our services

In our HNO medic practice and in our hospital work at the Klinik im Park, the Limmatklinik and the See-Spital, we treat adults and children of any age who suffer from diseases of the ear, nose, and throat.

In addition to counselling, examinations, medication, and non-surgical therapies, often surgical procedures are necessary to best treat a disease. Children from the age of 3 can undergo surgical procedures.

Our surgical services include:

  • Removal of the palatine and pharyngeal (adenoid) tonsils (tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy)
  • Insertion of an ear ventilation tube (vent tube) in the eardrum
  • Correction of nasal septum (septoplasty)
  • Reduction of the nasal concha (radio frequency therapy of the lower nasal concha under local anaesthesia in the practice)
  • Removal of benign changes to the vocal fold (microlaryngoscopy)
  • Removal of skin lesions under local anaesthesia


Symptoms and treatments