Sabina Hotzenköcherle Speech and language pathologist

Sabina Hotzenköcherle

Sabina Hotzenköcherle, the speech and language pathologist in the HNO medic team, also lectures at various Swiss universities.



Since 2014
Speech and language pathologist in the HNO medic team

Since 2002
Independent speech and language pathologist, lecturer at various universities and  lecturer for further education in in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Speech and language pathologist at the Zurich University Hospital, Department of Phoniatrics and Clinical Speech Therapy

Speech therapist at various schools around Zurich


Degrees & titles

Master of Science Logopaedics, Danube University Krems, Austria

Postgraduate studies at the Schule für Klinische Logopädie, Universitätsspital Zürich (School of speech and language pathology, University Hospital Zurich)

Diploma in speech and language therapy at the Hochschule für Heilpädagogik (University of Applied Sciences of Special Needs Education) in Zurich



  • Zurich Professional Association of Logopaedics
  • German-Swiss Association of Logopaedics
  • Swiss Association for Dysphagia
  • European Society for Swallowing Disorders

Further team members

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