There are many causes of dizziness that include many medical fields: If the dizziness presents as a carousel-type rotary vertigo, with nausea and vomiting, or if the dizziness is related to a position, and if at the same time loss of hearing, or pressure in the ear or ringing noises in the ear are experienced, then these are signs for a disorder of the equilibrium organ. A visit to an ENT specialist is recommended.

At best, attacks of dizziness or vertigo only last a few seconds up to a few minutes and subside on their own. However, in other cases these can be recurring attacks that last hours or even days.

As there are so many different possible causes, a detailed questioning (anamnesis/medical history) must be carried out as well as exact clinical examinations to identify the particular cause. In most cases, a hearing test is necessary. In addition it is also possible to assess the functioning of both equilibrium organs with a videonystagmography.

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